Gonzaga Student Gov Votes for Divestment

Student Divestment Leaders
Students leaders of the Fossil Free Gonzaga campaign with K.C. Golden, 350.org Board Chair, after his presentation 12.01.2016

May 2, 2017


SPOKANE, Wash. – Gonzaga University Student Body Association (GSBA) Senate voted nearly unanimously in favor of the Fossil Free Gonzaga divestment resolution, with only a single “no” vote. The resolution reads:

“We request that Gonzaga University’s Board of Trustees commit by 2020 to divest Gonzaga’s endowment from the current 200 most carbon-intensive companies. Doing so will formally recognize the reality and urgency of the climate crisis and show fidelity to our Jesuit, Catholic, humanistic mission and to our endowment Investment Policy and Guidelines.”

According to the GSBA Speaker of the Senate, the official vote was 22 yes, 1 no, 2 abstain. The official GSBA Resolution (Bill: SRSD050129) can be found here.

The Fossil Free Gonzaga divestment student group is a subcommittee of the Gonzaga Environmental Organization (GEO) student club, which has campaigned for two years to get to this point. Hundreds of students and alumni signed a petition in support of the resolution.

“We are trying to make substantial change,” GEO Vice President Carrie Herrman said. “We’re a Jesuit, service-oriented school. I think people like to take pride in that aspect of the university. [Fossil fuel divestment is] just one more reason to say, ‘This is something we can do and be proud of.’ Making any effort to limit the effects that humans have on climate change is a step toward tangible social justice.”

The fossil fuel divestment resolution is also being advanced by a parallel campaign among faculty. To date, one-third of Gonzaga faculty (133) have signed in support of the resolution.

Divestment itself is not new to GU.  A previous campaign to divest from apartheid swept the campus a generation ago.

For more information on the Fossil Free Gonzaga campaign, contact Professor Brian Henning at (509) 313-5885 or henning@gonzaga.edu..

More on the resolution and its justification here.

For a timeline of divestment work at Gonzaga go here.



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