How divestment works

Fossil fuel companies are the wealthiest and most powerful corporations on the planet — and their core business model threatens all of us. For decades, they’ve corrupted our governments, ravaged our planet, and treated the atmosphere like an open sewer. We need to take back the power the fossil fuel industry has over society.

Divestment takes the fossil fuel industry to task for its culpability in the climate crisis. By shifting public support away from the fossil fuel industry, we can break the hold that they have on our economy and our governments, while making way for a just transition.

Change happens when people mobilize and take action. When we build movements, we don’t focus on one person at the top of the government or the industry. We focus on building and leveraging power in all our communities, so it’s no longer in decision-makers’ interest to say “no.”

Campaigns aren’t just about winning a “yes” on divestment. They’re about telling the story of people power against the fossil fuel industry. Getting a “yes” on divestment is a big part of that, but creating tension at a school that might be unlikely to divest tells that story, too.

By dismantling the fossil fuel industry’s social license, we can break the hold they have over our economy and governments, make way for community-led solutions to the crisis, achieve strong climate legislation, and shift the paradigm on fossil fuel dependency.
(From FossilFreeUSA.)